"UN-Permanent Forum of Indigenous Issues," April, 2017

Oren Lyons: We need a Convention!

 Chief Oren Lyons during the

Chief Oren Lyons at the UN in NYC, 24 April 2017. On the following day from the "Permanent Forum of Indigenous Issues" podium, Lyons called for an Indigenous Convention (image © Claus Biegert).

Museum Villa Stuck, Richochet #9, 2015

Dangerous Dance

The Ghost Dance at Pine Ridge, by Frederic Remington

The Ghost Dance by the Oglala Lakota at Pine Ridge Agency as drawn by Frederic Remington (commons.wikimedia)

Indian activist warrior and pop poet John Trudell is dead


John Trudell, Munich, 1987, image copyright Claus Biegert

John Trudell, Munich, 1987 image © Claus Biegert

In search of the heirs of folksinger Pete Seeger

Dangerous Music

Pete Seeger bumper stickers

Pete Seeger electric pickup bumper stickers image © Claus Biegert

In remembrance of Hans-Peter Dürr

Peacemaker und Physicist

Hans-Peter Duerr in Berlin, 2010

Hans-Peter Dürr, Berlin, 2010


In remembrance of Pete Seeger

With Banjo, Ax – and Cake

Pete Seeger and his pickup full of lumber

Pete Seeger, Beacon, 2010. Photo Claus Biegert


Im remembrance

Electric Warrior:
Russell Means

Russell Means, South Dakota

Russell Means image © Claus Biegert

A visit with Laurie Anderson

Musician on the Moon

Laurie Anderson image © Claus Biegert

Laurie Anderson image © Claus Biegert


In Remembrance of Richard Erdoes

A Medicine Man
Changed Him Into an Author

Richard Erdoes Drawing

Richard Erdoes Zeichnung


The Black Hole Operator in the Old Piggly-Wiggly

Los Alamos Gadfly Ed Grothus

Ed Grothus

Ed Grothus image © Claus Biegert


In Remembrance of Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman

The Good, Good Deer Jerky

Floyd Westerman foto © Albert Hosteen

Floyd Westerman foto © Albert Hosteen


In remembrance of John Mohawk Sotsisowah

Iroquois, Visionary, Cultural Critic – and Always a Trickster

John Mohawk

John Mohawk, Schumacher College, 1998, Foto © Claus Biegert


In Remembrance of Carl Amery

The Poet of the Earth

Carl Amery

Carl Amery, Foto © Claus Biegert